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Preparation used during the period of increased risk of digestive tract disorders

tcOVER is the preparation that regulates intestines motility recommended for piglets, adult pigs and porkers who show
digestive tract disorders, diarrheas or decrease in daily weight gain. Thanks to carefuly selected ingredients and unique form of zinc oxide the preparation is stable in stomach and, what is more important, is fully digested inside the intestines. Preparation contributes to increase of the immunity and fastens recovery of the organism. Used prophylactically it prevents digestive disorders and eliminates the need of healing .

How to use:
Growing pigs and porkers 100-300g/tone of feed
Piglets (14-70 days after weaning) 300-1000g/tone of feed
Piglets (0-14 days after weaning) 700-1500 g/tone of feed


1,5 kg