STOP plus

Herbal product against diarrhea in cows, heifers, sheep and goats

The product’s antidiarrheal properties result from the high content of tannins in oak bark and rhizome cinquefoil. The tannins prove strong constrictive properties. They form a protective cover on the surface of the mucus to restrict water penetration to the intestine lumen. The product improves intestine motility. Additionally, it seals blood vessels inhibiting bleeding which often occurs parallelly with other diarrhea symptoms. Moreover, STOP plus acts bacteriostatic by microbial protein denaturation and it inhibits inflammatory reactions. Calamus essential oils stimulate appetite and secretion of digestive juices, improving the absorption of nutrients.

How to use:

Individually: Administer orally to animals affected by diarrhea just after mixing the contents of the sachet in 1 liter of warm water. Administer for 1-3 days once or twice a day. For sheep and goat that amount will be enough for 4-5 animals. Collectively:

For cows: 100 grams mixed with feedper animal.

For sheep and goats: 20 grams mixed with feed per animal.

STOP plus can be added into a TMR. Do not administer to calves.


100g, 2 kg