Stabil buffer

Complementary mineral feed for cattle effectively stabilizes the pH of the rumen content.

STABIL Buffer is a comprehensive buffering agent. The natural and rich composition of the product prevents excessive production of acids during fermentation and increases the pH of the rumen content. It contains a natural marine algae buffer, fodder yeast, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium compounds that form an active buffer system effectively stabilizing the rumen’s pH. The addition of fenugreek aroma has a positive effect on the feed intake. It has a stronger and longer buffering effect due to carefully selected proportions of fast buffering ingredients (sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide) and slowly buffering (calcium bicarbonate from marine algae). The addition of yeast improves the functioning of the rumen, reduces the number of cases of acidosis, improves the digestibility of the fiber, is a source of protein and B vitamins, which have a significant impact on health of animals.


How to use:

Administer 100-250 g per animal per day. In order to reduce the risk of rumen acidosis, it is important to balance the daily ration, taking into account the fiber content and easily fermenting carbohydrates, as well as to ensure the proper structure of the ration.