Silage production

Silac corn

Facilitates the fermentation process of corn silage

Unique composition of carefully selected bacterial strains (including Lactobacillus buchneri), contained in Silac corn is favorable to producing oxygen stable silage with high nutritional value. Due to fast action it inhibits the growth of
molds in silage. As a result Silac corn improves the palatability of the silage, which has a positive impact on increasing feed intake.

How to use:

Pour the content of 250g package into about 50 liters of water and stir until dissolved. Durability of product is 12 hours. The solution can be used on the field, through the applicator mounted on the collecting equipment or during silage preparation by spraying the successive layers. 250 g of Silac is enough for 50 tons of raw material.


250 g