Overtox Premium

Preparation binding mycotoxins and increasing the immunity

Overtox premium is a multifunctional preparation that protects cows against the harmful effects of taking mycotoxins from feed. It has a high ability to absorb most mycotoxins, so that they can not get into the bloodstream of the animal at all. The remaining toxins, which have not been absorbed, are safely broken down in the liver due to the addition of substances with a very strong detoxifying and regenerating effect. In cases where the concentration of fungal toxins in feedingstuffs is very high and animal health is at risk, Overtox premium supports the restoration of immunity already at the level of the digestive tract.

How to use:

Dairy cows: 20-100 g / animal or 0,4-2 kg / t of TMR

Poultry, swines: prophylaxis: 0,4-0,8 kg per ton of feed. In the case of feed contamination with mycotoxins: 1-2 kg per tone of feed, depending on the level of fungal infection.


5kg, 25kg