Preparation binding mycotoxins from the feed.

Overtox is a natural preparation, that prevents the absorption of mycotoxins from the gastrointestinal tract. Bentonite effectively captures and binds mycotoxins from the feed, allowing them to be quickly excreted from the body. An extremely important feature of Overtox is the selectivity of binding – the use of the preparation does not limit the absorption of nutrients or vitamins from the feed.

Overtox stands out among detoxifiers in that the raw materials used for its production are subjected to surface modification. This process supports the effectiveness of mycotoxin binding by increasing the active surface and the stability of the adsorption bond. Overtox works regardless of what kind of feed is the source of mycotoxins.

How to use:

Dairy cows:
50-200 g / animal / day or 1-4 kg / t TMR

Pigs, poultry:
For prophylaxis add 1-2 kg per tone of feed.

In the case of feed contamination with mycotoxins: 2-4 kg per tone feed depending on the level of fungal infection.


5 kg, 25 kg