LACTO plus Vit

Sweet preparation against ketosis

LACTO plus Vit is an effective source of energy for dairy cows.
It is a composition of substances which are precursors of
glucose. Due to this fact, the product increases the level of
glucose in blood. The addition of niacin reduces the process
of depot fat burning, and inhibits the concentration of
ketone compounds and free fatty acids in blood, while acting
protectively on the liver. Raising the level of glucose in blood,
vitamins of B group activate energy metabolism and reduce
harmful consequences of negative energy balance. Selenium
and vitamin E efficiently stimulate immunity and prevent

How to use:
In risk of, or in ketosis, administer the product orally. LACTO plus Vit can be used starting from the day of calving. If a cow is too fatty, the product should be used even 7 days before calving.
Dosage for cows: Daily dose amounts to 300-500 g
Dosage for sheep and goats: Daily dose amounts to 60-100 g.


500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg