Milking Hygiene

Impregnated cellulose tissues

For pre-milking udder disinfection

Wet wipes, closed in a bucket, are cellulose sheets soaked in a disinfecting solution which efficiently washes and protects the
udder. This solution does not irritate or dry the skin and can be used regularly. Tissues soaking level allows to wash the udder
easily and disinfect it. There is no need to dry the teats before installing the teat cups. Since the tissues are a ready-to-use product, they shorten the time of udder disinfection. Thanks to a hermetic bucket, the tissues do not lose their properties.

How to use:
Clean each teat right before the milking.

A roll contains 1000 sheets of towels sized 22×25 cm each, soaked in a disinfecting solution and closed in a bucket.