The product stimulating milk production and improving the health of cows.

Herbatan is an innovative preparation combining the activity of natural herbal extracts, malic acid and selected micronutrients. Its composition has been developed by Over Agro specialists based on many scientific reports and tested in production conditions. Cows receiving the preparation increased production by almost 2 liters / animal / day in comparison to the control group. The fat content in milk also improved, which increased by 0.91 units and proteins – almost 0.2 units. The somatic cell content was reduced twice. Herbatan had a positive effect on animal health, the number of mastitis and acidosis cases almost halved.

How to use:
Cows in lactation: 70-100 g / animal / day mixed with a feed set on the table or 1-2.5 kg / t of the feed

25 kg