HEPAVIT complete

Supports liver de-fatting and stimulates its metabolic functions

HEPAVIT complete supports metabolic liver functions and reduces the risk of liver cells degradation, as well as protects them from the impact of toxins. The addition of protected methionine and artichoke extract supports fat metabolism and removal of triglycerides excess accumulated in the liver. This product also provides glycerin and niacin, and because of that it completes energy and reduces stored fat burning. Due to the milk thistle extract, it supports regeneration of the liver damaged because of medicines and disease. HEPAVIT complete administration is recommended in particular forhigh-yielding animals or excessively fatty ones, because of large liver overload, which results from intensive metabolism.

How to use:

Administer orally at a dose of 500 g daily to high-yielding cows, excessively fatty, and at risk of hepatic steatosis.

Dosage for sheep and goats is 100 g daily.


500g, 1 kg, 5 kg