Milking Hygiene

HELENA proderm forte

Disinfecting concentrate for pre-milking udder hygiene

HELENA proderm forte is an exceptionally efficient concentrate combining perfect washing properties with strong antibacterial activity. The product quickly and efficiently softens dirt and enables its quick removal. Regular use of HELENA proderm forte decreases the risk of udder infection and moistens the teat skin. This concentrate can be used for any kind of premilking hygiene. It superbly disinfects cloths used for udder washing, and it does not get through to milk. The effectiveness of HELENA proderm forte has been confirmed in laboratory tests.

How to use:

Before milking, prepare a solution the concentration depending on the chosen disinfection method. Washing with cloths and towels: 0,5%; Spraying the udder: 5%; Foaming the teats: 40%; After application of the product and the required time of disinfection, wash the teats. Biocidal effect occurs after 5 minutes.


1 l, 5 l, 20 l