Farma Forte

Preparation stabilizing functions of the alimentary tract

FARMA forte reduces the risk of diarrhea. Preparation has constrictive properties on the digestive tract; it has also the ability to bind toxins, supporting their removal from intestines. FARMA forte forms an insoluble layer, which helps to protect mucosa and reduces water penetration to the intestinal lumen. Preparation is recommended during weaning, regrouping, or changing the feeding. Due to the content of yeasts it has probiotic and stabilizing functions for fermentation processes. FARMA forte stabilizes functions of alimentary tract which is very important during periods of increased risk of diarrheas.

How to use:

Cows: 50-200g/animal/day. Not more than 0,2g/kg b.w
Calves: 1-5 kg/ tone of feed. Not more than 0,15g/kg b.w
Pigs: 2,5-4 kg/tone of feed. Not more than 0,15g/kg b.w
Poultry: for 5-7 days with feed amount 0,02-0,08 g/bird or 0,2-1-5 kg/tone
of fodder. For 5-7 days with water: 4-6 grams/ 10 liters of water.
Rabbits: from 3-5 week of lactation to 2nd week after weaning 25-80 kg/
tone of feed.


100 g, 1 kg