Energia forte

Liquid energy with vitamin E, selenium and niacin

The objective of ENERGIA forte is to cover energy needs and to reduce a negative energy balance. This product is also recommended as an element of anti-ketosis prevention as it reduces excessive mobilization of body fat reserves and affects the reduction of ketone bodies in blood. Because of
vitamin E and selenium, ENERGIA forte increases immunity in the critical period of early lactation, as well as improves the reproduction indexes. Feed with the addition of ENERGIA forte is willingly consumed because of the high palatability of the product, which is the result of the right proportion of glycerin and propylene glycol.

How to use:
ENERGIA forte should be administered to cows in the amount of 250-300 g per cow (60-100 g per sheep or goat) daily for a minimum of 100 days of lactation. Feeding can be started 2 weeks before
calving. Fill the feed car with the product or pour on the fodder.


5 kg, 20 kg, 250 kg, 1200 kg