Calcium plus

Calcium-magnesium preparation preventing postnatal paralysis

CALCIUM plus replenishes calcium shortages caused by lactation. High calcium absorption from gastrointestinal tract is enhanced by the addition of vitamin D3. The product also supplies magnesium which low level in blood is one of the reasons of hypocalcaemia. Therefore, CALCIUM plus prevents the occurrence of postnatal paralysis and retention of placenta, especially in high yielding and multiparous cows. Simultaneously, the preparation is effective in the prophylaxis of ketosis as it contains glycerin, which is a glucose precursor, and vitamins of B group stimulating energy metabolism.

How to use:
For cows: Single dose amounts to 500 g.
For sheep and goats: Single dose amounts to 100g.
In order to reduce the risk of milk fever, administer orally directly after
calving. To be repeated during the first 24 hours after calving.


500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg