Complex, calcium-vitamin product preventing postnatal paralysis

CALBAL plus restores the proper calcium level in blood and prevents postnatal paralysis. The product provides easily absorbed calcium which absorption is spread in time due to the use of two forms of calcium: pantothenate and chloride. It efficiently prevents the reduction of calcium concentration inthe blood. CALBAL plus includes magnesium and vitamin D3, which deficiencies can result in hypocalcaemia. The product provides also phosphorus. Thanks to the addition of niacin and vitamins of B group, CALBAL plus supports the liver and improves metabolism.

How to use:

For cows: Single dose amounts to 200 ml.
For sheep and goats: Single dose amounts to 40 ml.
In order to reduce the risk of milk fever, administer orally directly after calving. Repeat the action in 24 hours after delivery.


200 ml, 5 l