pH stabilizer for cows with rumen acidosis

BUFFER-stim is an innovative product against rumen acidosis and indigestion. It quickly restores the balance in rumen
environment by raising and stabilizing the pH. It neutralizes lactic acid collected in rumen because of potassium bicarbonate. Salts of malic acid stimulate the growth of Selenomonas ruminantum bacteria, which consume lactic acid, resulting in its additional decrease in rumen. Polyphenols strengthen immunity and aluminosilicates bind endotoxins released from decaying masticatory bacteria. BUFFER-stim protects animals against the development of laminitis and works protectively on the liver, improves reduced immunity and helps in mastitis and reproduction disorders.

How to use:

Dosage for cow: Pour 100 g of the preparation into a clean bucket and add approximately 1 l of water.

Dosage for sheep and goats: Pour 20 g of the preparation into a clean bucket and add add approximately 200 ml of water. Then, pour into a bottle, used for oral administration. In order to reduce the risk of rumen acidosis, one should remember to balance the daily feed ration including fiber and easily fermentable carbohydrates content, as well as take care of the proper structure of the ration to prevent its sorting.


100 g, 1 kg